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Applying the Leadership Capability Framework (LCF)

Monday, 04 September 2017

As an innovative healthcare system, we are continuously working on ways to improve our services in order to place the consumer at the forefront of care. By implementing the Leadership Capability Framework (LCF) Barwon Health is also aligning us with the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan that has been set out.

This framework has been designed for both managers and employers to focus on the three key elements of LCF: Barwon Health Values, Leadership Capabilities and Leadership Behaviours. It has been designed to measure appropriate and expected behaviours, to improve Professional Development Discussions and it is embedded into our Talent Acquisition process to ensure the recruitment process is efficient and effective.

Three Key Elements of LCF

 Elements of LCF

Leadership Profile Levels

Barwon Health’s LCF has clustered the organisation into four profile levels that are the most relevant to you (as you can see by the faint white rings within the framework). By using this framework managers and employers will have a better understanding of their duties and the behaviours that are expected of them in their role. These include:

  1. Leading Organisation: You are the most senior and executive leader in the organisation
  2. Leading Service/Function: You have the responsibility for the management of managers or large functions
  3. Leading Others: You are responsible for the management of a team of people, projects or processes
  4. Leading Self: Your interactions are primarily with your team, peers and/or consumers

How will the LCF help you?

This framework is designed to help both managers and employees in the process of talent acquisition and professional development.

Talent Acquisition
The LCF has been embedded into our Talent Acquisition process using an interview bank that has been structured according to the leadership profile level and the capabilities of that job position. By using this framework the process will be reliable and relevant to the specific position you are applying for. This framework has also been embedded into the position description of all jobs, allowing you to understand your role better and to support the managers in their hiring decisions.
To find the LCF Recruitment Documents for new PD templates, interview questions and interview guides click here.

Professional Development
In this framework you will be able to identify what level your leadership capability is, what is expected of you and what is expected in a higher role. You can use this framework to identify development opportunities and to discuss in Professional Development Discussions with your supervisor.

We hope that you can embrace this new resource and use it to your benefit in maintaining your career, improving your every action and interaction, in the hiring process, in understanding your role at a deeper level and in the development of your career.