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How to take on feedback and respond to being unsuccessful

Friday, 06 July 2018

Barwon Health is committed to improving our employees' performance and seeking new high quality talent to enter our organisation. Therefore, as part of standard recruitment practices managers should be offering feedback after an interview if they find that an applicant is not suitable for the role. Below are some tips on what to do if you are deemed unsuitable for a position:

You’ve been told that you’re not suitable for the role…
For internal staff, ask your manager for a ‘buddy’ or ‘mentor’ in the role/field you are wanting to learn more about or progress your career to. A great time to ask about this is at your Professional Development Review (PDR), however if this is too far away, ask for a 1:1 catch up with your manager within that month to discuss the options that are available.

For all external applicants wanting to join the Barwon Health workforce, ensure you read through the position description (PD) prior to applying for the role. You can find the PD at the bottom of the advertisement. On the last page of the PD there are criteria that are both ‘essential’ and ‘desirable’, ensure that you fit what is essential before applying. If you do not fit what is ‘essential’, identify how you can resolve this. For instance if you are applying for an administration role and it is ‘essential’ to have an administration qualification, contact TAFE / Colleges, etc, to see what administration courses they have available. If a qualification is not essential but they require someone with experience, consider an internship or volunteering.

You were told that you did not answer the questions in interview correctly…
Barwon Health, as a values-based organisation asks motivational questions, values-based questions, technical questions and behavioural based questions following our leadership capability framework. Typically we ask one or two questions on:
• What motivates you
• Barwon Health values / your own values
• Technical questions around that role

For these questions, ensure you research Barwon Health, what our values are, what your values are, and knowledge of what the role entails. You can learn about the role by ensuring that you read through the PD thoroughly.

After this, the manager should ask four behavioural based questions and these will be based on the four topics that are a part of our Leadership Capability Framework: 

1. Awareness of self
2. Communication
3. Relationships
4. Results

To answer these questions you will need to structure your answer in the STAR format, providing a situation, the task that you performed, the actions you took and the result of your actions.

You were told that you didn’t receive a positive reference check
Barwon Health requires two reference checks, if both reference checks are conflicting, the manager may ask for a third. It is important that your referees have seen you work and that one reference is ideally your line manager or supervisor. It is crucial that you only put down the referees that know how you work and would provide a positive and honest reference of you. Personal references are not suitable. If you are having doubts about a referee we advise that you don’t put them as a reference.

You’re upset about the outcome
While it can be disappointing if you are not made successful for a role, it is important that you take this as a positive opportunity and use the feedback you are given to professionally develop and prepare for the next career opportunity.