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Clinical Education & Training Unit

Barwon Health has committed to developing its identity as a teaching health service through the creation of an integrated Clinical Education and Training (CE&T) Unit. The unit is responsible for clinical education governance at Barwon Health and comprises teams who lead Nursing, Medical and Allied Health education. We aim to ensure that education and training is integrated:

  • Across professions and work groups
  • With business processes and planning
  • With our organisational culture

 The following principles are key:

  • Barwon Health is a teaching organisation, seeking to continuously improve its teaching and learning culture.
  • Teaching is regarded as a core capability of our organisation.
  • Learning is a shared responsibility.
  • All training, learning and development should lead to improvements in people and business performance.
  • A culture of learning is an important part of the organisation's value system.
  • All staff are expected to use their knowledge, skills and expertise to help develop their colleagues.
  • Better outcomes for patients and improved clinical practice and service delivery are achieved through inter-professional learning and collaborative practice.
  • Ongoing evaluation is critical to help ensure competencies and capabilities are achieved.

The Clinical Education and Training Unit offers short courses, study days, scenario-based simulation training and other opportunities with the aim of enabling the healthcare workforce to maintain current skills and knowledge and foster professional development and expertise. All programs utilise the services of suitably qualified and vocationally experienced educators and clinicians and cover a wide variety of clinical and professional topics.

Last Modified: Thursday, 25 June 2020