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Therapy Services

Psychotherapy services – talking therapies for the treatment of personality disorder and trauma.

Peer work – intentional peer support and peer group programs for people with personality disorder/trauma

Recovery Services – specialist inputs to assist in treatment planning and complex intervention. This includes occupational therapy, clinical and neuropsychology and autism assessment

Therapy services clinicians work in collaboration with continuing care treatment teams to ensure people have access to evidenced-based psychotherapies such as dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), mentalisation based therapy (MBT), cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and eye movement desensitisation reprocessing (EMDR).

Our occupational therapists provide continuing care for people who have commenced occupational therapy in a MHDAS acute service, including Swanston Centre, Hospital in the Home, and CRF/PARC. Adding specialist consultation and assessment as part of treatment planning can play a vital role in understanding where a person may be stuck in their recovery and identifying functional and sensory-based inputs that enable them to live their best life. Our Adult Autism coordinator and personality disorder clinical specialist work actively with continuing care teams to help clarify someone’s diagnosis and tailor supports to best meet their needs.

Our clinicians prioritise needs through their work with the continuing care community intensive treatment teams (CITT), and provide direct consultation in response to referrals. 

Services are provided within business hours. Psychotherapies are provided in central Geelong. Functional assessment and treatment services may occur in people’s home environment.


Anyone accessing continuing care services can be referred via their case manager/primary clinician. Anyone with a diagnosis personality disorder or PTSD is eligible for our psychotherapy services.  Access to recovery services may depend on whether these services are available through other sources. There may be waiting periods for services.

If you are not sure about whether someone would benefit from our services you can contact us on 42158502 or e-mail us

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